Our idea of educational farm

The school farm il Bruco is based on a stimulating emotional experience: living with joy the rural world through a simple method: “learning doing”.

During the visit to the farm, the children will be encouraged to “experiment” themselves, to find strategies that have as central vision the respect for surrounding environment, for animals and for their visit buddies.

The educational farm, is active since 2013, is coordinated by Angela La fattoria didattica, attiva dal 2013, è coordinata da Angela, agronomist and owner of the farm il Bruco.

So, the owner and the operators involved during the visits have acquired the eligibility of “operator of educational farm” pursuant to regional n. 12/2015 (and following changes and additions) and the structure operates in compliance with current regional legislation.

Our didactic proposal is aimed at primary schools.



Hands on earth
Our vegetable garden: how to prepare, how to plant the seeds and how to take care of the plants.

The animals of the farm
Throughout the farm live many animals: we learn their habits, their smells, we pet them and we take care of them.

The history of a woolen thread
The trip that the virgin wool, obtained from the shearing of sheep does to become a thread and the tools that allow its transformation.

From milk to cheese
Knowing how from sheep milk you can obtain cheese.
From the skillful processing of the whey we will discover the secrets to make ricotta.

Paint with vegetables and fruits
We will discover how to extract natural colors from flowers and leaves, fruita and vegetables to be used to create unique works.

Herbs workshop
Recognize medicinal and aromatic plants, discovering their secrets, the unique smells and their properties. Use part of them to make perfumed objects (soap,  bag smells linen).



Botany and entomology laboratory
We will use a leaves drier to create our herbarium studying the characteristics of the plants that we have inside the farm and their classification.
We will find out what is a entomological box, we will study the characteristics of insects and their classification;

Geographic laboratory
Orienteering in the environment in which you are with the help of a compass, geographic maps and aerial photos. The characteristic landscape of the Umbria hills and the  men-made environment as result of the meeting between nature and human activities.

Technology laboratory
Creation of objects useful to the farm life with the use of wood and various materials.

Art and image laboratory
Flowers or part of plants to obtain natural temperas and their use. Making little art works with nature elements.